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5 foods that can help you live longer

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The powerful bites that can help you fend off the Grim Reaper.

Live until 2041, then 2053, then 2065. How?
Start eating the right foods now, and in 12 years you’ll be 8-17% less likely to die in the next 12 years. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Here are the powerful bites that can help you fend off the Grim Reaper. And if you want a deeper dive into eating for longevity, check out what people from the world’s longest-living ‘blue zone’ regions eat to stay practically immortal.
1. Red onions
The pungent veggie serves up high levels of cancer-killing compounds.
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2. Oranges
Eating one orange (or other fruits high in citric acid) a day could lower dementia by 23%.
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3. Dark chocolate
The treat can offer up a significant brain boost, recent findings suggest. Here are seven more benefits of the bittersweet stuff.
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4. Tomatoes
Tomatoes, which are laden with lycopene, can cut your risk of skin cancer in half.
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5. Coffee
Along with boosting energy, coffee can also shield your liver from disease. Check out seven more surprising health benefits of coffee.