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11 healthy ways to hack a BBQ

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Your average American BBQ is a diet minefield. You run the risk of negating all your hard work in the gym, or looking like a jerk by refusing Grandma’s potato salad.

Use this chart, which ranks the most common offerings by nutritional value; and check out how to portion your plate to keep servings in check so you can enjoy your favorite foods this summer—and keep your physique.

1. Drink Water Before You Go

Drink tons of water before you go—you’ll not only feel fuller, you’ll spend so much time peeing you won’t have a chance to eat!

2. Snack Beforehand

Have an apple, two hard-boiled eggs, or a small whey protein shake pre-bbq to ease hunger.

3. Bring a “Gift”

Bring a “gift”—lean ground beef, melon—to guarantee at least one healthy item to eat.

4. Double the Burger, Not the Bun

Make double-decker burgers on just one bun.

5. Eat a Little of Everything

Can’t beat temptation? Join it by going for variety, eating a little bit of everything.

6. Chew Gum

Chew sugar-free peppermint gum (peppermint can reduce hunger).

7. Prioritize Healthy Foods First

Hit the lean meats and veggies before the junk food starts seducing you.

8. Keep Drinking Water

Carry a water bottle to sip between “real” drinks.

9. Bang Out Some Pushups (Seriously)

If you feel a splurge coming on, find a remote spot and knock out a few sets of pushups—it’ll take your appetite away.

10. Play Games

Play as many games—corn hole, volleyball—as you can to stay in a fitness state of mind.

11. Make it a Cheat Meal

Make it a cheat meal—easy if you know about the shindig in advance.

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