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Study finds butter beats vegetable oil and low-fat dairy.

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Yet another nail in vegetable oils’ coffin: A recent study in the BMJ confirmed that not only is vegetable oil not healthier to eat than butter, it may actually be worse. Researchers focused on the cholesterol levels of more than 9,500 seniors and found that those who used oils high in linoleic acid—like corn, soybean, and sunflower oil—died at an earlier age than those who stuck with butter. They also found that switching from butter to veggie oil did nothing to reduce heart disease or overall mortality. To add even more, uh, fat to the fire, a newly released 15-year study on 3,000-plus adults who ate higher levels of full-fat dairy products came to the happy conclusion that full-fat dairy is even healthier than low-fat dairy, as subjects ended up with a 46% lower risk of developing diabetes, the journal Circulation reports.

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Melt Yourself a Better Butter

To easily step up your butter game—especially when using it for cooking—make clarified butter (aka “ghee”), a clear, pure butter thought to be healthier (one study found it lowers LDL cholesterol); it keeps longer and has a higher smoke point, so you can sear foods without setting off smoke alarms. Just melt a cut-up stick of grass-fed, unsalted butter in a pan over medium heat; it’ll bubble (that’s the water boiling out of it) and the milk fat solids will foam. Simmer till the bubbling almost stops, then set a coffee filter in a strainer and pour the liquid through into a jar.

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