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Fresh pomegranates may be incredibly heart healthy, but could nature have invented a more annoyingly inaccessible fruit? Find out how to get the goods—without the hassle. 


There are plenty of reasons that you should be incorporating heart-healthy pomegranate seeds (aka: arils) into your diet. Not only are they high in fiber (around 5 grams per half a cup) but they’re loaded with age-fighting antioxidants and compounds that slash your rish for cardiovascular disease.

But while you may already understand that these bright red seeds are a no-brainer for your body, getting them out of their shell—without making a huge mess—can be a hearty challenge. That’s why we were stoked to learn that Pom Wonderful (the company that helped start the pomegranate juice craze in the first place) is doing the hard work of removing the arils and putting them in a snack-size cup…so you don’t have to.

From late Fall through the end of this month, you can grab their 4.3 oz- and 8.0 oz-sized cups of fresh pomegranate seeds at your local grocery store, and use them for everything from topping breakfast cereal, yogurt and salads to mixing into post-workout smoothies. Or—because they’re just that good—you can eat ’em straight from the cup.

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