Electronics for the Human Body

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY AND THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE The human body is soft, curvilinear, and continuously evolving; modern electronic devices are rigid, planar, and physically static. Recent research has yielded a complete set of advanced materials, … Continue reading

Having a Robot in an Ebola ward

Follow us on Twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork In November, with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa showing no signs of slowing, the list of people climbing aboard planes to Liberia and Sierra Leone was not terribly long. Deborah Theobald, the co-founder of Cambridge-based health care company Vecna … Continue reading

Stuck in the waiting room

Follow Us On Twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork A long-touted health-care revolution may at last be about to arrive Oct 11th 2014 | ROME | From the print edition THE idea of telemedicine—health care provided using telecommunications equipment—has a lengthy history. Radio News, an American magazine, … Continue reading