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African Americans at higher dementia risk than other racial groups

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Reuters Mar 10, 2016 Reuters Health – Dementia afflicts black people and American Indians more than other racial groups in the U.S., according to a recent study highlighting dramatic disparities in the prevalence of the disease. Researchers looked at six different racial and ethnic groups – African Americans, American Indians […]


South Africa Debates Safety of HPV Vaccine

follow us on twitter : @GoAfricaNetwork   Health Impact News   by Norma Erickson SaneVax April 7, 2016 9 August 2015, a citizen of South Africa (we’ll call her Sarah) sent the following questions about HPV vaccines to CANSA, the Cancer Association of South Africa. Sarah had no idea her questions would lead to a […]

The Costs of Inequality: More Money Equals Better Health Care and Longer Life

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Feb. 23, 2016 Obamacare has helped many, but system’s holes limit gains, Harvard analysts say. Felue Chang, newly insured under the Affordable Care Act, receives a checkup at the South Broward Community Health Services clinic, on April 15, 2014, in Hollywood, Fla.

Preventing Alzheimer’s in African-Americans by strengthening the brain

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork medicalxpress March 1, 2016 Rutgers neuroscientist leads team that will use a $1-million grant from the New Jersey Department of Health to teach people how to protect their brains through exercise. A major effort is underway to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia for older […]

Stylist Removes Year-old, Moldy Weave from Client’s Head

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork EURweb Jan. 3, 2016 *Photographs of stomach-churning moldy hair weave became a trending story back in 2014, with hair professionals warning women who rock weaves for more than two months that they risk being forced to cut off their natural hair once fungus invades. This tragic weave trend was explained […]

Study Identifies Common Genetic Variants that Double Risk for Blood Clots in African Americans

follow us on twitter : @GoAfricaNetwork   One in three African Americans have at least one variant that increases risk Published on: February 17, 2016   (WASHINGTON, February 17, 2016) –  New research published online today in Blood, the Journal of theAmerican Society of Hematology, identifies common genetic variants predominantly found in African Americans that double their risk […]

Keloid scars and hypertrophic scars

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork  What are keloid scars? Collagen gathers around the damage and builds up to help the wound seal over. The resulting scar usually fades over time, becoming smoother and less noticeable. However, some scars don’t stop growing. They “invade” the surrounding healthy skin and become bigger than the original wound. These […]

Breast-feeding increase could save more than 800,000 lives annually

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork By Kelly Wallace, CNN (CNN)I’ve written before about how I simply don’t get how we in the United States remain so squeamish about breast-feeding — and how despite all the research that ‘breast is best,’ many U.S. hospitals are still not providing women with breast-feeding support. If we know — […]

Healthy Vision

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Glaucoma What is glaucoma? Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that can damage the eye’s optic nerve and result in vision loss and blindness. However, with early treatment, you can often protect your eyes against serious vision loss. What is the optic nerve? The optic nerve is a bundle of more than 1 […]

Race Impacts Severity of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis and Likelihood of Surgery

  follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork Written by Kristin Della Volpe Commentary by Baron S. Lonner, MD and Shawn Gilbert, MD    Black teens with idiopathic scoliosis are more likely than white teens to present with curves in the surgical range, according to a retrospective study reported in The Spine Journal. The treatments offered to […]