US Uterus Transplant Trials Under Way

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork ,@DocSamuelJones JAMA Mats Brännström, MD, PhD, was beyond skeptical when a patient undergoing a hysterectomy for cervical cancer in 1998 asked him for a uterus transplant to restore her fertility. Mats Brännström (right) and colleagues … Continue reading

Germ Warfare

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork ,@DocSamuelJones UCLA Magazine There is no fail-safe way to avoid catching the colds, flu and other illnesses that lurk all around us, but we can reduce the odds. Illustration by Ross MacDonald. … Continue reading

Why So Many People Hate Scented Products

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork ,@DocSamuelJones TIME Health Mar 10, 2017 You may not love the scent of your coworker's hand cream, or the perfume wafting across the aisle on the train. But for some people, fragrances like those can trigger a range of very real symptoms, according to a … Continue reading