Sexual Health in America

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA Improving Patient Care and Public Health   August 25, 2015 Reproductive and sexual health morbidity in the United States continues to far exceed that of other developed nations. Calls for greater attention and new strategies to address … Continue reading

Powdered Alcohol Products

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA July 14, 2015 Timothy S. Naimi, MD, MPH1; James F. Mosher, JD2 In March 2015, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) approved several powdered alcohol products, sold under the brand name Palcohol, for sale in the United … Continue reading

Severe Vision Loss and Poverty

follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork ,@DocSamuelJones JAMA Anita Slomski, MA A disproportionate number of US adults with severe vision loss (SVL) live in the South, many below the federal poverty level, according to a recent analysis. The study of vision loss and its association … Continue reading

Stroke and Cognitive Decline

 follow us on twitter: @GoAfricaNetwork JAMA July 7, 2015 Stroke and cognitive impairment are common among older persons.1 It is estimated that the lifetime risk for stroke is approximately 1 in 5 for women and 1 in 6 for men,2and almost one-third of persons with stroke, which typically may … Continue reading