Liberia Carries Out Vaccination Campaign

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July 21, 2015

A massive vaccination campaign in Liberia that was suspended because of the Ebola outbreak last year was renewed as part of the effort to restore health care services in the country ( In May of this year, the Liberian government declared the Ebola outbreak to be over and worked with the World Health Organization and other partners to organize a nationwide week-long campaign to vaccinate more than 600 000 children younger than 5 years against measles and polio and provide deworming medicine (

Interruption of routine immunization programs occurred in 2014, leaving many children vulnerable to childhood infections. This past January, a measles outbreak erupted. In February, a measles immunization drive was initiated but the effort failed, in part because parents eager to protect their children against measles and other vaccine-preventable diseases were wary of visiting health centers or workers for fear of reintroduction of the Ebola virus.

In the latest effort to reinstitute childhood vaccinations, a social mobilization effort was undertaken to spread the news of the campaign, answer questions, and alleviate fears.

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